Street Axe Black Axe

The Street Axe is the actualized essence of, and the template for what Elephant Brand Skateboards represents and aspires to always be: A skateboard company that makes products that have a purpose and a reason for existing. The Street Axe has swagger -- It has soul. This is a skateboard for SKATEBOARDING...

Whatever that means -- Whatever that represents to YOU. The Street Axe is born out of an old John Grigley "Old Ghosts" shape but it is NOT an "old school" board. This is a modern skateboard on a modern concave. The dimensions from the original Grigley have been tweaked slightly to make the board more skateable today. Then I added some "hips" over the back truck area to give the board even more style. The Street Axe has been my main weapon of choice all along -- This board just speaks to me and it has no limitations -- It Tre-Flips just as well as it Bonelesses. Skateboarding has evolved again. There's no longer a reason to be tied to the same popsicle stick as the next guy. The Street Axe isn't what was -- The Street Axe is what is. -- Mike V

Elephant Brand Skateboards - Street Axe Complete LG - Black Axe - W&L 9.5"X32" WB 15

Comes with the following components:
149mm Paris Street Trucks
Elephant Brand Skateboards - Logo Wheel White 62mm/97a
Complete Price:

Euro: 194.00

  • W&L 9.5"X32" WB 15
  • 149mm Paris Street Trucks 
  • Elephant Brand Skateboards - Logo Wheel White 62mm/97a