Baffle 37

The Gateway is Open.



Forget the rules.

Ask yourself what you want. The Baffle, a 37” symmetrical topmount with flared wheel wells for days, is exactly what our riders wanted in a brick. It’s more than just another brick in the wall.

Free Your Mind.

The Baffle 37 means one thing; you get to live beyond just one concept. We created a board that continues to evolve: new shape, new features, same downhill soul. Never stop inventing.

Redesigned by YOU

Created by our riders and engineered to reflect what downhill, freeride, and tech freeride mean to us, at Original, the well loved Baffle shape is now wider through the center via sidecut delete. No more waist to deal with when tucking. The continuous rocker and dramatic, but comfy wheel flares, lock riders in tight for an aero tuck with room to push out big slides.

Flares You Can See

More than just looks, the Baffle offers a massive effective-foot-platform. Stand on the flares for easy slide initiation and seamless 360s. Dig your back foot into the rear flare for fast freeride and downhill. Rocker keeps things loose when perfecting a slide and adds some extra pop for the occasional “yeah its possible” kick-flip.

Wheels: Orangatang Stimulus

Trucks: Bear Grizzly 181mm 50 degree

Bearings: Cell Selects Built In Spacers

Euro: 379.00

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