Davelin Wood


DAVELIN WOOD is a Drop Through Board 37” X 9” (93,98cm X 22,86 cm).
We have designed in Gythio Lakonia- Greece, a medium sized Freeride DT board, Camber shaped, with a concave in all of its length. Its shape gives the rider a very fast longboard with fantastic flexibility, that allows him to turn surprisingly fast.
The deck is made in California U.S.A. and is consisted by 8 plies of laminated sugar maple veneers pressed together, using the best American glue, in order to be l...ighter, stronger, long -lasting and with great elasticity.
We have equipped Davelin Wood with the new trucks BOLZEN180mm 50° and the EARTHWING BRUISERS 72 mm wheels, making it ideal for drifting. All of the above, combined with Abec – 5 Speed bearings made in U.S.A., along with the handmade graphics from our artists, make Davelin Wood one of the best boards in the market.
A board that will satisfy even the most demanding skaters of its kind for a long time!
Price complete:   Euro