450HZ Metal Pro Diablo S

Incredibly beautiful, each Diablo rotor is balanced with jewel like precision and feels like it could spin forever; chose the 350Hz ‘Heavy’ model for quiet, forceful, sublime spins or the extreme 450Hz ‘Light’ Diablo for the highest speeds ever achieved on a human powered device...over 23,000rpm, - faster than any formula 1 engine.

  • Computer balanced rotor vibration free above 23,000rpm (450Hz model)
  • Solid Zinc heavy weight rotor (350Hz model)
  • Hollowed aluminum ultra high speed rotor (450Hz model)
  • Gold & Chrome plated stainless steel shells
  • Weight: 158gr (450Hz) - 357gr (350Hz)
  • Inertial resistance: 19kg at 10,000rpm (350Hz) 3.2kg at 10,000rpm (450Hz)
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Euro: 99.70

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