Supernova Pro

6 Ultra-brite LEDs built into each 250Hz balanced rotor produce mesmerising light effects which really turns heads. No batteries required, the faster you spin the brighter they glow, engulfing your hand and “burning” your forearm with the powerful forces generated. Choose your colour and let the show begin.

  • Computer balanced 250Hz rotor vibration free to 15,800rpm
  • Rotor fitted with 6 Ultra-brite LEDs and induction power generator
  • High impact poly-carbonate shell
  • Available with (‘Pro’) or without (‘Classic’) an LCD counter
  • Weighs 250gr
  • Inertial resistance: 14kg at 10,000rpm
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Pro models include an LCD display
  • Classic models may be fitted with an LCD display as an optional extra
  • Euro: 33.80