A Greek vase painting from 500 BC shows a boy playing yo-yo. Greek records from the period describe toys made out of wood, metal, or painted terra cotta (fired clay). It is believed, however, that the yo-yo originated in China at a much earlier date. The terra cotta disks were used to ceremonially offer the toys of youth to certain gods when a child came of age—discs of other materials were used for actual play.

Loop 1080

44 Clash winner, heir apparent to the Japanese national and World Titles with skills the result of both natural talent and hours of dedication and practice. Shu also has added some magic of his own to yo-yo play lighting the path for other 2A players to follow bridging a gap between players with a decade of experience and those who are only barely a decade old. Designed by players to meet the needs of the performance requirements of competitors today. The Loop1080 puts the power in players hands with a patented system which allows them to tune their equipment to meet their punishing demands.

Euro: 24.00

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